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October 7, 2009

A Day Without Water

Changes Junior Achievement's BizTown Environment for Area Fifth-Graders

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Metro Water Infrastructure Partnership
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With every turn of the faucet and flush of the toilet, we use and dispose of vast amounts of water every day. Thanks to a monumental and complex system of treatment plants, pumps and pipes, clean water is delivered, dirty water is taken away and excess storm water is diverted.

The public health, safety and economic growth of the St. Louis Metro Region depend upon our water and wastewater systems.

As well as these systems work, our region’s water and wastewater infrastructure is aging. It’s a regional and a national issue. The American Society of Civil Engineers Report Card gave our nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure a grade of D-.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) estimates that, nationally, almost $335 billion of investment in drinking water systems will be needed from 2007 to 2027 to continue to deliver safe drinking water to our nation’s homes and industries. More than $202.5 billion of wastewater system investment is required, based on a comparable EPA study for the 2004 to 2024 timeframe.

Ongoing investment in these critical systems is vital to our quality of life.

The Metro Water Infrastructure Partnership was forged by area utilities and professional associations to encourage and inform community conversations about the importance of these systems to the quality of life in the St. Louis Metro Region.

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